oleyl alcohol

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o·le·yl al·co·hol

(ō-lē'il al'kō-hol),
A mixture of aliphatic alcohols; used as an emulsifying aid and in preparing cold cream; found in fish oils.
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Selective Hydrogenation into Oleyl Alcohol of Methyl Oleate in the Presence of Ru-Sn/A1,O, Catalysts".
The author has reported the preparation and characterization of PfMSP-119 encapsulated pH-sensitive liposomal formulations using oleyl alcohol (OAlc) in combination with egg phosphatidylcholine (EPC) and evaluated for intracellular cytosolic delivery of PfMSP-119 and as is evident from the results obtained; promising and significant immune responses were obtained by the cytosolic delivery of the malaria antigen through pH sensitive liposome.
Oleyl alcohol thus has limited solubility in water.