oleyl alcohol

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o·le·yl al·co·hol

(ō-lē'il al'kō-hol),
A mixture of aliphatic alcohols; used as an emulsifying aid and in preparing cold cream; found in fish oils.
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Sodium sulfite 0.1 Trisodium EDTA 0.5 Nonyl phenol ethylene 15.0 oxide condensate SD Alcohol 40 20.0 Oleic acid 9.0 Oleyl alcohol 15.0 Ammonium hydroxide (28%) 5.0 Perfume q.s.
Phase A Crodacol CS-50 (Croda) 8.50 cetearyl alcohol) Crodamazon Cupuacu (Croda) 4.00 (Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter) Crodafos HCE (Croda) 2.50 (oleth-5 phosphate (and) dioleyl alcohol) Novol (Croda) 1.00 (oleyl alcohol) Phase B Deionized water 68.40 p-Aminophenol (Keystone) 1.02 4-Amino-2-hydroxytoluene (Keystone) 0.82 1-Napthol (Keystone) 0.56 p-Phenylenediamine (Keystone) 0.16 Resorcinol (Keystone) 0.04 Sodium sulfite 0.80 Tetrasodium EDTA 0.60 Sodium erythorbate 0.60 Monoethanolamine 3.00 Phase C Hydrotriticum WAA 0.50 (wheat amino acids) Keravis 0.50 (hydrolyzed vegetable protein-PG-propyl silanetriol) Phase D Ammonia 35% 7.00
If octanol is replaced with oleyl alcohol, it is only near phase inversion temperature (PIT) that the water diffused into the oil phase, first forming the lamellar liquid crystalline and then small oil droplets.
For example, lauryl, cetyl, stearyl and oleyl alcohols are commonly available and have appropriate hydrocarbon chain lengths to function as the hydrophobic tail group in surfactants.
* Newark, NJ-based Jarchem has expanded its portfolio with Jarcol Iso Oleyl Alcohols. The economical, vegetable-derived alcohols have mild odor and relatively low freezing points.