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1. an avowed, public declaration or statement of intention or purpose.
2. a calling or vocation requiring specialized knowledge, methods, and skills, as well as preparation, in an institution of higher learning, in the scholarly, scientific, and historical principles underlying such methods and skills. A profession continously enlarges its body of knowledge, functions autonomously in formulation of policy, and maintains by force of organization or concerted opinion high standards of achievement and conduct. Members of a profession are committed to continuing study, place service above personal gain, and are committed to providing practical services vital to human and social welfare.
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Learned profession, pronounced Lern-ed, as in burn-bed Biomedical ethics An occupation requiring intense preparation in a body of erudite knowledge–eg, law, medicine, which is applied in service to society, has a system of self-governance and in which success is measured by accomplishments in serving man and society and/or furtherance of knowledge in the field, rather than in personal gain. See Pro bono, Learned profession, Remedial profession, 'Yellow professionalism. '.
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Q. please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism. I am a health care professional not a specialist. So consider my situation and please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism.

A. If you can provide good nutrition that would be huge,
higly effective natural nutritionals include:

cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

Also, avoid highly processed foods like white sugar, white flour, an high fructose corn syrup.

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The oldest profession - at one time largely to be found in London's seedy Soho - was starting to get a stiletto-hold in Scotland.
What matters to the ordinary people on the street is what choice you make, regardless of the formal title, and how you practice what is putatively the second oldest profession in the world.
For 100 euros, students are taught the history of the world's oldest profession, how to use erotic toys and the most popular positions contained within the Kama Sutra, the Daily Mail reported.
However distasteful it may be for some, the oldest profession in the world is not going to go away.
In sections on employment patterns and private life, the topics include unskilled labor in the countryside, women as collective farm leaders and agricultural specialists, rural intelligentsia, marriages, the female face of the criminal world, women of the oldest profession, religion, triple-burden lifestyle, the special environment of the village life, and the protection of childhood and motherhood in the countryside.
THE world's oldest profession will probably never disappear from towns and cities completely, no matter how well intentioned our legal system.
Motor sport has always been a game for the boys - just like the so-called oldest profession.
If you want to save young British women from being defiled by drooling men jingling the money in their trouser pockets, then don't worry so much about the oldest profession, Harriet.
The 70-year-old chairman of the Warwickshire Federation of Women's Institutes yesterday opened a debate on whether it was time to legalise that part of the world's oldest profession.
IT'S the oldest profession in the world yet it still carries the same risks it did hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago.
The world's oldest profession? Despite popular belief it is, of course, parenting.
It is not known as the world's oldest profession for nothing.