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ojas (ōˑ·js),

n in Ayurveda, the end product of good digestion and metabolism that is believed to connect consciousness and matter.
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Ghee: carrier substance for herbs, tonic to pitta, increases agni and ojas V-PK neutral (don't mix in equal proportions with honey; not for high toxins, diarrhea, or parasites)
Excessive intercourse will weaken the ojas or vital force of the parents, which can, in turn, weaken the ojas and immune system of the child-to-be.
Our continued participation will assist Tyfone in building a strong international team, attract quality technology partners and secure significant commercial wins," said Rajesh Srivathsa, managing partner of Ojas Venture Partners.
How India got its boundaries' is on display at Ojas Art, Qutab Minar Main Roundabout till Sep 20; 11 a.
Freedom to March: Rediscovering Gandhi Through Dandi' is on display at Ojas Art, 1A, Qutab Minar, Mehrauli Road till May 29; 11 a.
In yesterday's final, Abdullah defeated Ojas Palled 10-3 to lift the title.
Danube got off to a great start with Ojas and Shetty putting on 23 runs in their allotted three overs of batting.
Media note: If you would like to interview Anders Gustafsson after the Town Hall Session, contact Ojas Naik (312) 397-6008.
The agenda includes presentations by Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Product, and Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, as well as a demo and plenty of time for questions.
We now live in a world of multiple operating systems, personally owned devices, and proliferating mobile apps," said Ojas Rege, Vice President of Strategy at MobileIron.
Akshat staged a fine battle to beat Aman 10-8 and book a place in today's semi-final against compatriot and third seeded Ojas Palled who sailed through as his opponent Eric Brandt of Ireland retired while trailing 1-4.
A different kind of art destination -- edgy, underground -- is the experimental Engendered SPACE, imported from New York's Lower East Side; Ojas Arts, in contrast, boasts of the grandiose open feel of manicured lawns and glass-window shops, much like a high-end craft shop.