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n.pl semisolid, non–water-based treatments that are not water-soluble and that create protective films to prevent dehydration of the skin.

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Q. the substitue ointment for lasonil

A. the active material in it is heparinoid, and if i'm not mistaken there are 2 other creams that uses it. just ask the pharmacist, he is the most qualified to help you.

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Various studies have been performed which indicated beneficial effects of applying barrier ointments in allergic rhinitis.
Methods: The descriptive study was conducted at the Children's Hospital, Lahore, from April to September 2013, and comprised patients presenting with cushingoid features and history of using nappy rash ointments.
If this is a hand dermatitis caused by nickel or other contact allergens, and I can possibly give that hairstylist an ointment to apply to her hands in the morning and night and get back to her job, that's a happy worker.
They each received both the St John's wort ointment and a placebo, one applied to the right and the other to the left side of the patient's body randomly.
A study in the October issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases found the antibiotic-resistant MRSA strain, known as USA300, is common in the United States where antibiotic ointments are used often, but the strain is less common in Japan, where triple antimicrobial ointments are not used often.
Ointments are preferred and several applications a day will be required.
The ointment contains three ingredients that are said to work together to soothe, treat and prevent diaper rash.
Scientists have found that application of a poly-herbal ointment with chickpeas as its base can effectively treat Leukoderma.
Many ointments were based on old remedies or at least attempted to engender the feeling that a successful recipe had been passed down through the generations.
NEW YORK -- Such over-the-counter drug products as ointments, antiseptics, insect bite relief and anti-itch treatments account for a substantial portion of first aid category sales in mass market retail outlets.
Treatment is usually with wide-spectrum antibiotic drops or ointments for 5-7 days.