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n.pl semisolid, non–water-based treatments that are not water-soluble and that create protective films to prevent dehydration of the skin.

Patient discussion about ointments

Q. the substitue ointment for lasonil

A. the active material in it is heparinoid, and if i'm not mistaken there are 2 other creams that uses it. just ask the pharmacist, he is the most qualified to help you.

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com/research/rt8fjg/global_baby) has announced the addition of the "Global Baby Ointment Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
26), but after treatment all three factors, erythema, scaling and thickness, were significantly lower where the active ointment had been applied (P = 0.
The study's authors urged more study in both the United States and Japan to gauge the susceptibility of MRSA strains to antibiotic ointments and how use of such ointments might be leading to the emergence of drug-resistant MRSA strains.
In mild cases moisturizing ointments are preferable to creams.
This time we are curing patients by putting chickpea ointment on their affected areas.
A government duty of 11/2d was levied on all ointments retailing at 1/- (five pence) hence the vast majority of them sold for 1/11'd.
Modern scientists experimenting with these ointments seemed to fly over vast distances accompanied by eerie creatures.
For patients who have undergone a canal-wall-intact procedure, we gently remove the antibiotic ointment, dried blood, and Gelfoam from the ear, provided that an atraumatic removal is possible.
yeast infection), unless they are medicated ointments.
Dibucaine often is found in topical ointments used to treat sunburn, cuts and hemorrhoids.
Early in the settlement of America, an ointment of fresh arborvitae leaves with bear's fat was considered a relief from rheumatism.
Ophthalmic ointments may retard corneal wound healing.