oil of lavender

oil of lav·en·der

volatile oil from fresh flowering tops of Lavandula officinalis (family Labiatae). Aromatic oil used in perfume and as a flavoring agent. Has been used as a carminative.
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Comment: Both doses of oral essential oil of lavender were effective in treating GAD and more effective than the conventional medicine, paroxetine.
Aromatherapy: evidence for the sedative effect of the essential oil of lavender after inhalation.
The essential oil of lavender, which should never be taken internally but can be used neat on the skin, is perfect to take on holiday.
If you want, you can add a few drops of essential oil of lavender, fennel or geranium to the water, but make sure you wash off any oil before feeding baby.
LOVE LAVENDER - Research has shown that five or six drops of essential oil of lavender in your bath, or on a tissue, may relieve stress, as can sleeping on a lavender pillow.
First feet are warmed and soothed in a foot bath spiked with essential oil of lavender, followed by a 30or 60-minute reflexology massage.
A group of patients with advanced cancer and debilitating fatigue were given oil of lavender to smell.
Add a few drops of essential oil of lavender or rose to a warm but not hot bath.
INGREDIENTS:Bunch of lavender (fresh or dried) Twine to tie Eight drops essential oil of lavender Crushed lavender flowers (optional) 1.Tie the lavender stalks together with twine and throw the bunch into the water as you run the bath, keeping the water temperature warm in the evening to aid sleep but cooler in the morning to refresh.
L'Occitane is an exquisite beauty brand that uses only the best ingredients in its super-moisturising skincare: rich shea butters, oil of lavender and milky cocoa cream and the yummiest marshmallow, sweet almond and honey extracts.