oil of bergamot

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oil of ber·ga·mot

volatile oil derived by steam distillation from the rind of the fresh fruit of Citrus aurantium or C. bergamia; contains l-linalyl acetate, l-linalool; d-limonene, dipentene, bergaptene; used as a deodorant in preparations containing malodorous ingredients and as an aromatic in perfumes, hairdressings, and pomades.
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n 37 Posh teas include Early Grey, a black tea with a touch of the oil of bergamot a member of the citron family.
Black tea scented with oil of bergamot - reckoned to protect against colds and chest infections.
Frequently, Keemun is used as a base for scented blends, the most popular of which is Earl Grey scented with the oil of bergamot. Green teas are unfermented and are becoming increasingly popular in the West due to their health benefits.