oil of anise

oil of an·ise

volatile oil derived from the dried ripe fruit of Pimpinella anisum (family Umbelliferae) or of Illicium verum, (family Magnoliaceae) (Chinese star anise); has a characteristic anise aroma, resembling fennel. Used in manufacture of liqueurs, and as flavoring for candies, cookies, and dentifrices. Pharmaceutical aid (flavor). Carminative.
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This was the case after the application of Fosetyl-Al, a systemic fungicide, which caused higher content of trans-anethole in the essential oil of anise fruits in both experimental years.
"Paragoric for lessening pain, an alcoholic solution of opium, bensoic acid, camphor and oil of anise."
Anisette and other liqueurs are characterized by the flavor of oil of anise.
INSECTICIDE: The essential oil of aniseed is toxic to insects and smaller animals and hence its smell keeps the insects away.