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A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing.


A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing dental materials.


n an apparatus in which to generate heat.
furnace, inlay,
n a furnace used for eliminating the wax from an inlay mold and establishing the proper condition and temperature of the investment to receive the molten casting gold.
furnace, porcelain,
n a furnace used for fusing, firing, or fusion.
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Today, fewer than 8,000 homes in Lane, Douglas and Coos counties are heated by oil furnaces, Huber said.
And the Sears people, already in business by that time, and well aware that a husband's chance of winning one of these domestic tiffs ranges from zip to zero, had an oil furnace already loaded by the time my dear (make that costly) wife called.
Freedom Bio Fuels has also teamed up with Clean Energy Heating Systems and offers waste oil furnaces capable of producing from 140,000 BTU's for small service shops to 325,000 BTU's to handle the largest Fleet Service Facilities.
Any heating oil furnace can use a B20 biodiesel blend without modification," the company's Web site says.
Cormier of Roger's Farm Supply in West Millbury said his wood pellet business is thriving on people who use pellet stoves to supplement or replace oil furnaces.
In the report that is relevant to Pennsylvanians, selection of a standard-efficiency propane furnace was found to be the lowest first-cost system when replacing a fuel oil furnace.
T Gas Emperor carrying container, palm oil furnace oil and chemicals are expected to take berths at QICT, LCT, FOTCO and EVTL respective on Thursday, 1st July.
Speaking in favor of allowing the units, Allen Cosentino said he had considered using one because it would be economical and it is cleaner to run than an oil furnace.
Among the critical connections we've made in the past few months was matching the Cyclone steam generator with our partner's EPA-compliant and UL-rated waste oil furnace, which we believe will expedite our path to product commercialization.
T Chemtrans Elbe are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, rice , palm oil furnace oil and chemicals respectively during last 24 hours.
Switching from an oil furnace to the Acadia is equivalent to paying about $1.