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 (Ω) [ōm]
the SI unit of electrical resistance, named for Georg Simon Ohm; one ohm is produced when a current of 1 ampere flowing through a conductor produces a potential difference of 1 volt. Impedance is also measured in ohms.
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Georg S., German physicist, 1787-1854. See: ohm, Ohm law.

ohm (Ω),

The practical unit of electrical resistance; the resistance of any conductor allowing 1 A of current to pass under the electromotive force of 1 V.
[George S. Ohm]
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(Ω) (ōm)
The practical unit of electrical resistance; the resistance of any conductor allowing 1 ampere of current to pass under the electromotive force of 1 volt.
[George S. Ohm]
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Georg Simon, German physicist, 1787-1854.
ohm - the practical unit of electrical resistance.
Ohm law - in an electric current passing through a wire, the intensity of the current in amperes equals the electromotive force in volts divided by the resistance in ohms.
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Caption: Figure 10: The internal ohmic resistance estimations with the new double sliding mode observer.
Prior to commencing ohmic heating, it is assumed that the entire sample is at a uniform temperature [T.sub.0].
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12) proved to be very difficult because of the problem of subtraction of the ohmic conductivity contribution (Table 5).
In order to develop an estimate of the ohmic losses, we need to consider all conductors at the same time.
Ohmic microswitches make direct electrical contact between metal conductors, and wear ultimately limits lifetime.
The electrical loss mechanisms in the RF devices are ohmic losses due to resistivity of conductors, dielectric losses due to the imaginary component of the dielectric constant, parasitic coupling and radiation losses.
While much of the speculation about ultimate commercial application of aseptic processing witch low-acid particulates has centered on newer sterilization technology, such as ohmic or high-pressure, Tetra Pak's application uses heat, albeit with higher temperatures and shorter treatment times than is used in conventional canning processes.
This means: raising the test current by a factor of 2 will raise ohmic power losses in relays, cable, and needles by a factor of 4.
They cover silicon carbide surface cleaning and etching; processing and characterizing ohmic contacts to silicon carbide; Schottky contacts to silicon carbide: physics, technology, and applications; and the status and prospects of silicon carbide power devices.
Power efficiency degrades because of various factors, such as ohmic loss [P.sub.ohm] due to finite conductivity of the source, radiation loss [P.sub.rad], and dielectric loss [P.sub.tissue] inside the lossy tissue.