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(ôf′sprĭng′, ŏf′-)
n. pl. offspring
The organism or organisms resulting from sexual or asexual reproduction.
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Progeny, see there.
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Patient discussion about offspring

Q. only kids get ADHD?

A. The disorder may persist throughout adult life, but it comes to attention during childhood, and therefore the impression that only kids "get" ADHD, that represents the average age in which the disorder is first DIAGNOSED, and not the age in which it is PREVALENT (which may be also adult age).

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Q. how to tell kids their mother has cancer? One is a 4 year old boy and one is a 9 year old girl. any advice?

A. well these kids are dealing with really difficult times. I guess I never thought you should handle these things at such a young age. It gives you a freat jump right into adult life,I don't like it at all, but what can you do? everybody just wish their mother will be better soon.

Q. Snacks for kids – is there a healthy option? My 8 years-old son eats snacks every day, and although he’s not fat by any means, I still want to give him good eating habits. Do you have any idea for healthy snacks? Is there any chance he’ll give up his chocolate and coke for fruits???

A. fruit or peanut butter and jelly,peanut butter provides protein,jelly is a fruit.

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To better understand the unique relationship between maternal Alzheimer's disease and risk in her offspring, Dr Pratico and his colleagues looked at maternal fat intake specifically during the gestation period in mice engineered to develop Alzheimer's disease.
Researchers from theUniversity of East Angliahave found that longer-lived sperm produce offspring with longer and healthier lifespans than shorter-lived sperm.
In fact, several studies have reported reduced heart rate variability (HRV) and/or increased sympathetic modulation/activation in offspring of hypertensives (3,5).
The findings explored that paternal exercise had a significant impact on the metabolic health of offspring well into their adulthood.
9, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Parental belief in the importance of religion is associated with a decrease in risk in suicidal behavior in their offspring, according to a study published online Aug.
Colorado Springs, CO, July 28, 2018 --( The Offspring is a gripping narrative filled with convoluted schemes and a secret that destroyed so many lives.
OFFSPRING OF OBESE mothers should be regarded as a high-risk population for endothelial cell dysfunction and, therefore, for cardiovascular events later in life, authors of a thematic literature review concluded.
A Cambridge University study found that females in some cooperatively breeding species reduce the size of their eggs when other members of their group are available to help protect, incubate and feed offspring after laying.
The in utero environment, including maternal nutrition, stress, and exposure to chemicals, can influence susceptibility of offspring to chronic diseases at adulthood (Rosenfeld 2012).
Compared with the offspring of Framingham participants who were normotensive, those with one parent who developed hypertension before age 55 years were at twofold increased risk of subsequent hypertension.
My first song to dust off from the long and rich history of popular music is 'Self Esteem' by The Offspring.