offset blade

off·set blade

(awf'set blād)
Blade of an instrument such as a Gracey curette, in which the lower shank is at a 70-degree angle to the face of the blade.

offset blade,

n a blade that is set at an angle to the shank rather than perpendicular to it; in an area-specific curet, an offset blade is set at a 70° angle to the shank.
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It features single-frame grille, stylish aluminium door mirrors, body colour rocker panels, 19-inch wheels, black brake callipers, oval twin tailpipes, air spoiler, and a diffuser with offset blade.
Offset blade provides the proper leverage for evenly spreading icing over cakes or batter into corners.
I use my Victory Hoe offset blade version for more than just weeding.
The 100-grain heads I shot have an offset blade design that allows them to twist during penetration for a larger cutting diameter.
This Bi-Directional or offset blade design works in tandem with arrow fletching for increased in-flight rotational stability so that accuracy is improved.
Made to rotate better in flight and deliver more penetration, this head has a stainless steel ferrule, offset blades and a cut-on-contact chisel tip.
032-inch thick, offset blades that pivot forward and cut from the rear in the event a pass-though doesn't occur and the head is pulled backwards.
The offset blades are sharp on the front and back edges so the head cuts even if the arrow starts to back out of the animal.
New to the broadhead scene in 2009 was Smoke Broadheads' Ramcat The compact, 100-grain Ramcat sports a 1 1/4-inch cutting diameter and offset blades that are sharpened front and back.
New Archery Products -- NAP's new Braxe broadhead features "core drilling" technology in three unique double-edge razor-sharp offset blades and a Trivex point.