offset blade

off·set blade

(awf'set blād)
Blade of an instrument such as a Gracey curette, in which the lower shank is at a 70-degree angle to the face of the blade.

offset blade,

n a blade that is set at an angle to the shank rather than perpendicular to it; in an area-specific curet, an offset blade is set at a 70° angle to the shank.
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Qty: 14400 No 2)Hrc Fuse Link 2 Amp To Is : 13703 : 1993 Category Of Duty 415 Vac,Breaking Capacity Of 80Ka With Offset Blade.
The offset blade protects knuckles and makes it easy to slice through thicker foods.
I use my Victory Hoe offset blade version for more than just weeding.
A transversal belt conveyor located beneath the receiving hopper extracts material from the machine's side so that an adjustable offset blade mounted on the rear of the F893 can spread and level the material to the desired height and width.
Qty: 14400 No 2)Hrc Fuse Link 2 Amp To Is 13703:1993, Category Of Duty 415V Ac Breaking Capcity 80Ka With Offset Blade.
It features single-frame grille, stylish aluminium door mirrors, body colour rocker panels, 19-inch wheels, black brake callipers, oval twin tailpipes, air spoiler, and a diffuser with offset blade.
The 100-grain heads I shot have an offset blade design that allows them to twist during penetration for a larger cutting diameter.
This Bi-Directional or offset blade design works in tandem with arrow fletching for increased in-flight rotational stability so that accuracy is improved.
The vehicle features a sleek roof that descends and merges into the C-pillars with colour offset blades and 5.
Made to rotate better in flight and deliver more penetration, this head has a stainless steel ferrule, offset blades and a cut-on-contact chisel tip.