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n often the step after an invitation to treat; involves communication leading toward a possible contract.

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Consequently, upon Settlement of the Offer the Offeror will hold 12,838,112 Depositary Receipts, representing approximately 66.
However, the Tender Offeror was informed by the Target that the Target would have to abandon the planned merger as a result of comprehensively considering both internal and external conditions including shareholders.
The difference between LPTAs and PPTs is that the government may choose not to accept the lowest cost/price and instead may trade off a higher cost/price for historical proof that the offeror has met or exceeded past commitments for similar types of work.
By contrast, the poison pill right to purchase stock of the tender offeror is not guaranteed and -- in the absence of a tender offer -- is not legally enforceable.
Ballast Nedam and the Offeror are pleased to announce that Ballast Nedam's Central Works Council has given positive advice in respect of the Offer.
Unsatisfactory/No Confidence -- Based on the offeror's performance record, extreme doubt exists that the offeror will successfully perform the required effort.
and 234-2 of the AMF General Regulations, XPO Logistics France SAS, a corporation incorporated under the laws of France having a share capital of 10,000 euros, whose registered office is located at 23 rue du Roule, 75001 Paris, France and registered under number 811 597 335 RCS Paris (" XPO " or the " Offeror "), a wholly owned subsidiary of XPO Logistics, Inc.
In using the best value approach, the government seeks to award to an offeror whose bid gives the greatest confidence that it will best and most affordably meet requirements.
The Board of Directors meeting passed the resolutions above with the assumption that the Offeror contemplates making the Company its wholly owned subsidiary through the Tender Offer and a subsequent series of procedures and that the Company's shares of common stock are scheduled to be delisted in case that the Company does become the wholly owned subsidiary of the Offeror.
Pursuant to the Transaction, the Company issued 47,774,100Common Shares to the Offeror in full and final settlement of outstanding indebtedness in the aggregate amount of US$1,782,616 (CDN$2,388,705) owed by the Company to the Offeror (the "Debt "), such indebtedness being made up ofcash advances made to the Company by Offeror.
Proposals received after the above time and/or date will be returned to the offeror unopened.
a paper offeror prior to the deadline for making an Opening Position