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term used when talking of a horse's age, e.g. '6 off' for a horse which has just passed 6 years, as opposed to 'rising 7' for approaching 7 years.

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Q. why are my toenails falling off? A few months ago my big toenail fell off. Now my nails on my baby toes are falling off. My doctor sent a sample of my toenail to a lab but said it came back clean with no signs of fungi. What else could explain nail loss when there has been no trauma or injury either?

A. That is indeed a very strange phenomenon. You should either way get treated for nail fungi, because there is still a chance there's an infection that was not seen in the specimen sent. Also diabetes or PVD (peripheral vascular disease, in which there is poor blood supply to the small vessels in the legs and feet) can cause your toenails to not get enough blood supply and fall off.

Q. Will my hair fall off if I have leukemia? I was diagnosed with ALL and I have to pass on a series of chemotherapy treatments, will my hair fall off? What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

A. Sorry but Yes. Most chemotherapy drugs that will be used do have the side effect of hair loss. However, this will only be temporary and your hair will grow back, probably even better than before! This is just a minor setback, not to be concerned about it..

Q. How do I explain why I keep going off my meds? Am I the only one that has this problem?

A. No problem it is actually a really good book for both someone with bipolar as well as family members. For someone with bipolar it is a lot that you can relate to and for family it gives an inside look at what the illness is like from a first hand position. It helped me understand more of what my partner was going through and what this illness is like from her perspective. It covers a lot of things that I found my partner had a hard time talking about and expressing...

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Following the service -- attended by world leaders, royals and stars of sport, cinema and fashion -- the couple hosted a reception at which Charlene wore another Armani outfit -- an evening gown in off-white silk chiffon with a broad neckline and embroidered four-tier train.
Community management teams should not overlook the affect of color, especially when it applies to choosing a color other than white or off-white.
In Off-White Hollywood, Diane Negra discusses "the ethnicity of the Euro-American" and its ability to comment on America's cultural acceptance of women in roles that do not fit into society's conventions.
For an "antique" look, use off-white paper and sepia-toned ink.
Options include the choice of an off-white, brassfinish, or stainless steel front plate, an NVT twisted pair module, a lens combination pack, and 12 VDC power supply.
NEW YORK-The conservative bet for this week's New York home textiles market is the classic white or off-white bath towel.
We used a light blue design on an off-white canvas that would be perceived as one-dimensional by residents.
Didanosine tablets are round and off-white to pale yellow-orange, with "Videx" on one side and the tablet strength on the other side.
All were clad in softly draped, off-white trousers and jackets with a bit of black at the neckline.
Lichfield Tory MP Mr Michael Fabricant told English Heritage chairman Sir Joselyn Stevens there was opposition to the planned location of "an off-white concrete construction" on one of the most sensitive sites in the city.
The Modesto, CA-brewer says that the beer "is a clear copper color, with a creamy off-white head," and goes on to eloquently describe the beer: "The aroma is complex and fruity with strawberry, citrus plus hints of vanilla.