off-site transcription

off-site tran·scrip·tion

(awf'sīt tran-skrip'shŭn)
System in which medical transcription is done outside of the health care facility; a satellite facility, home-based transcription, or a medical transcription service may be used.
Synonym(s): remote transcription.
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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intends to put in place a contract for the provision of off-site transcription and typing service.Use of the contract will be open to other DWP business areas and other contracting authorities may potentially utilize the service as required where they have specific secure off site requirements.However, the majority of this work is expected to comprise of Fraud Interviews under Caution which are used in evidence for prosecution.It is envisaged that the duration of this Contract will be for four (4) years.Estimated cost excluding VAT: Range: between 14 000 000 and 23 600 000 GBP
Outside of the initial upfront expense, voice recognition dramatically reduces the cost of off-site transcription. In total, MLH has saved on average more than $500,000 per year since its implementation.
The City of Huntington Beach is seeking a highly qualified firm to provide off-site transcription services for the Police Department.