off-site transcription

off-site tran·scrip·tion

(awf'sīt tran-skrip'shŭn)
System in which medical transcription is done outside of the health care facility; a satellite facility, home-based transcription, or a medical transcription service may be used.
Synonym(s): remote transcription.
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In the MedQuist booth, three products will be featured: SpeechQ for Radiology(TM), which employs the world's most innovative speech recognition technology; on- and off-site transcription services, which offer user- friendly, technology-driven solutions; and CodeRunner(TM), which provides customers with a computer-aided coding application.
Building on this proven technology, Crescendo is constantly developing bold new approaches to off-site transcription, premise-based systems and voice capture.
Dictaphone currently uses Internet technology to exchange voice, text, and data among hospitals, clinics, and off-site transcription services.