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Military medicine
The now-illegal practice of deliberately exposing military personnel and civilians to toxic war gases.

Vox populi
Flatulence, see their.


Release of gaseous chemicals from a solid. Cf Flatulence.
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If your home already has some flooring installed that is off-gassing, there are ways to improve the indoor air quality Before you start ripping all the Bad stuff up.
This off-gassing will not cause a problem as long as the blood is able to carry the nitrogen to the lungs before bubbles form.
In the 2001 construction of its campus in North Carolina, the EPA found that total VOCs dropped to an acceptable range between 12 and 14 days after the beginning of the 90-day flush-out--evidence that proper planning and steps to prevent off-gassing save time and money in the long run.
Today, the environmental issues facing building professionals are anything but simple and extend beyond overheating and energy conservation; indoor building design challenges include dealing with under-ventilated and circulated air, moisture and mold growth, off-gassing of furniture and building components, and the impact of such conditions on the productivity, health, and wellbeing of building occupants.
Triggers vary widely, from cigarette smoke and molds and mildews to the off-gassing of vinyl materials.
There won't be any off-gassing from the walls, either, since they're covered with paint free of volatile organic compounds or wallpaper made from recycled fibers.
Pure polyester retains its initial heat-set and so doesn't need the off-gassing, formaldehyde-laced permanent-press treatment of cotton and cotton-polyester blends.
These traditional enhancements may, in fact, be exposing an infant bundle of joy to a slew of toxic chemicals, from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) wafting off fresh paint to the formaldehyde off-gassing from carpeting, furniture, and even new bedding.