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The activity that constitutes the social contribution one makes, for which some sort of compensation may generally be received.
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1. Any goal-directed pursuit in which one works for a wage, salary, or other income.
2. Any goal-directed use of time.
3. Any activity or pursuit in which one is engaged outside one's work, e.g., a hobby or sport.

secondary occupation

Employment in addition to that for which one is primarily hired.
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In contrast, in the case of Japan a decade ago, the main economic actors were bureaucrats, bankers, and politicians.
While still risk averse, Japanese domestic savers are slowly becoming more wary with regard to the stability of Japan's financial system, and more frustrated with returns of only 0.2 percent p.a.
Treasury-is the uncertainty of Japan's economic recovery.
The group also established two corporate rehabilitation funds, Daystar Fund and Japan Endeavor Fund, and set up SMFG Corporate Recovery Servicer with Daiwa SMBC Principal Investments, Development Bank of Japan and Goldman Sachs to help in revitalization of smaller companies held by the Japan Endeavor fund.
The Bank of Japan has been reluctant to pursue this solution, and with good reason.
This included several revitalized banks--like the recently re-listed Shinsei bank (the former Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan).
Steady prodding of Japan on the public reform and restructuring effort is all important.
Sunil Rajput and Yoshitaka Harada former executives from Mizuho Securities Mohit Challa a bilateral AI expert, Ayumi Akase a bilateral human resource expert, Saito President of University Journal of Japan, all partners with India Japan Partnership Group, also joined and made remarks on huge potential between India and Japan in the field of AI and related high-tech areas like Cyber Security, Fintech and Data Centers.
chosen by Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida gave rise to resentment of Japan's subservience to the U.S.
The Ambassador of Japan said that Japan is quite optimistic about economic situation in Pakistan.
The biggest drag on the currency was the Bank of Japan's monetary easing.
Similarly, Eita understands that the world has a mixed view of Japan. His country's war history and friction over trade have led neighboring countries like China to mistrust Japan.