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1. Causing estrus in animals.
2. Having an action similar to that of an estrogen.
Synonym(s): oestrogenic.

oestrogenic (ōˈ·es·tr·jeˑ·nik),

adj ability of a substance to promote or mimic the action of female hormones.
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The yeast oestrogen screen, previously described by Routledge and Sumpter, 1996 [43] was used to assess the oestrogenic potency of the naturally occurring 17p-oestradiol and Bisphenol A.
The improvement mood and cognition-enhancing effects of sage also exhibit anti-oxidant, antiinflammatory and oestrogenic properties (PERRY & al.
This is a very exciting development in the international effort to understand the impact of oestrogenic chemicals on the environment and human health.
Vitellogenesis as a biomarker for oestrogenic contamination of the aquatic environment.
It appears to be particularly effective in highly symptomatic women, and it should always be considered as an alternative option if menopausal symptoms persist despite other forms of oestrogenic supplementation and a change of medication for control of menopausal symptoms is being considered.
11) In our study we found that prophylactic use of LNG-IUS before the start of tamoxifen treatment effectively reduced its oestrogenic effect on the endometrium.
CONCLUSIONS: Our findings show that in postmenopausal women high levels of endogenous oestrogenic and androgenic sex steroids coincide with high CRP levels.
Researchers at a German university are suggesting that PET may contain an oestrogenic contaminant which can leach into the bottle contents.
This structural similarity accounts for their ability to bind to oestrogen receptors, and exert various oestrogenic or antioestrogenic effects.
The concert was full with a screaming oestrogenic throng of frenzied, puce-faced girls all wailing for their favoured Roller.