Common name for botflies of the family Oestridae, such as Oestrus.
[G. oistros, gadfly]
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ovis infestions in domestic carnivores might be due to peculiar sheep bot fly preferences and, in general, due to the strong relationship between oestrids and herbivores.
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Effect of temperature on pupal development and eclosion dates in the reindeer oestrids Hypoderma tarandi and Cephenemyia trompe (Diptera: Oestridae).
are widespread oestrid flies whose larvae parasitize various cervid hosts, yet attempts to pathologize their significance as well as delineate their taxonomy, dispersal potential, and distribution remain ambiguous.
However, unlike most tachinids, the hosts of most calliphorids (blow flies), oestrids (bot and warble flies), and sarcophagids (flesh flies) are large vertebrates.
Oestrids were present on the post-calving range in 1993 only.
Mosquitoes 0.2 (0;5)a2 0.7 (0;21)ab 0.6 (0;16)b 138 7.19 0.0 3 Black flies 1.6 (0;37) 2.8 (0;20) 2.4 (0;36) 138 0.85 0.6 5 1n = number of sampling periods 2a and b values followed by the same letter are not significantly dif ferent at p = 0.05 (Tukey test) Oestrids: No oestrids were caught or seen during summer 1992.
Key words: caribou, Rangifer tarandus, George River, Quebec, behaviour, insect harassment, mosquito, oestrid, summer range, habitat selection
In 1992, we used sticky traps to catch oestrid flies.