Pain on using the voice.
[odyno- + G. phonē, sound, voice]
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3 When lesions become symptomatic, patients complain of pain, bleeding, ulceration, a mass, dysphagia or odynophonia, however, before the patient becomes symptomatic, the lesion is often growing and metastasizing.
She complained of a "gravely" voice quality, poor volume, odynophonia, and vocal fatigue after prolonged speaking.
She also complained of voice fatigue and odynophonia.
Compensatory hyperfunction of accessory muscles to close the glottis can result in odynophonia, voice fatigue, and a harsh, pressed vocal quality.
He also complained of odynophonia during a recent performance.
Three months after surgery, the patient was rehearsing with no complaint of hoarseness, odynophonia, or difficulty with his vocal range.
He denied odynophonia, dysphagia, odynophagia, and weight loss.
A 37-year-old man, a software developer, presented after having undergone 3 years of treatment with multiple medications, voice therapy, and seven operations to eliminate a left arytenoid-body granuloma that caused odynophonia.
There were no acute voice changes, but mild odynophonia was present, which lasted 2 days.
In addition, all patients complained of progressive odynophonia.
The patient denied odynophonia, dysphagia, odynophagia, throat tickle, chronic cough, chronic throat clearing, and heartburn.