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olfactophobia, osmophobia, osphresiophobia, bromidosiphobia.
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The place had an odor for which there are no polite words; and it was sprinkled over with children, who raked in it from dawn till dark.
Inspector Jacks found himself wishing that the perfume of those lilacs might reach even to where he stood, and help him to forget for a moment that subtler and to him curiously unpleasant odor which all the time became more and more apparent.
"I was lying here on the sand more dead than alive, when an appetizing odor of fried fish came to me.
Then placing an arm around Edna's waist, she led her to the front of the house, to the salon, where it was cool and sweet with the odor of great roses that stood upon the hearth in jars.
Performance textiles are textiles which provide additional benefits such as, repellency, resistance, or protection from a specified element including fabrics that resist wrinkles, odors, bacteria's, stain protection and others.
* RP17 is a combination lubricant and odor-neutralizing mask that was originally designed to reduce odors in wood-filled plastic compounds.
Handbook of Odors in Plastic Materials, 2nd Edition
Their intent was to develop data that could be used to construct aroma models for sensory testing, which, in turn, could indicate the compounds responsible for either pleasant or unpleasant odors in the fish sauce.
The objective of this study is to find out how odors affects the electrical activities of the brain, using EEG.
When additives were developed to aid in the process of reclaim/recycled and recycle-content plastics, many customers asked if something was also available to mask/neutralize unpleasant odors often associated with the addition of postindustrial or post-consumer recyclate streams.
It turns out that the odor-to-language interface in the brain may be less efficient than the sophisticated neural circuitry that processes visual and auditory information, as Rachel Ehrenberg reported in "Brain regions link odors to words" (SN: 12/13/14, p.8).