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any substance capable of stimulating the sense of smell.
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A substance with an odor.
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Q. Is there anyone here who has any information about how to treat chronic body odor? I have had this chronic body odor for over 25 years now in the groin area. I am at the end of my rope. I've seen numerous doctors who do not know very much about this condition. I would appreciate any help anybody can give me!

A. Some people have mal odor because they perspire more, either because of stress, physical activity or because of a condition known as Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating.Stress is more prevalent today. Eating certain foods can also affect how you smell. If a food is poignant enough, its smell can make it all the way through your body and come out from your pores. Garlic, cumin and curry are believed to have such properties. One of the reasons some men smell more might be because they have higher testosterone levels- testosterone influences apocrine sweat production. Then again, some guys smell badly simply because of poor hygiene. You should try avoiding different foods such as offee, cola, chocolate, and other caffeine aliments contribute to odor because they stimulate apocrine sweat glands. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps eccrine sweat glands active. This dilutes apocrine perspiration, which reduces body odor.

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