odontogenic cysts

odontogenic cysts,

n.pl See cysts.
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Immunohistochemistry could be helpful in the differential diagnosis of odontogenic cysts.
Odontogenic cysts, skeletal anomalies, neurologic and radiologic anomalies, palmoplantar pitting, which are found in Gorlin-Goltz syndrome, are not observed in Bazex-Dupre-Christol syndrome.
OKC account from 3-11% of the odontogenic cysts of the jaw, any age group is affected with this diseases but the common age is between 4th and 5th decade of life.
Conclusion: The study demonstrates that radicular cyst was the most common odontogenic cysts followed by dentigerous and odontogenic keratocysts respectively in our study sample.
Dentigerous cysts (DCs) are the most common lesions of all developmental odontogenic cysts of the jaws and account for approximately 24% of all the jaws cysts (1).
Most common are various types of odontogenic cysts such as radicular and follicular cysts.
Odontogenic cysts are formed as a result of activation of entrapped odontogenic rest cells (Malassez, Serres, or enamel organ) within the jaw bones or gingivae.
5) Deposition of hard tissue like dystrophic calcification or cartilage in the cyst wall of OKC is rare, and the presence of dentinlike tissue (Figure 2), even more rare, (7) can mimic other dentinoid-forming odontogenic cysts and tumors like calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor, odontoma, ameloblastic fibro-odontoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor.
25,26) This relationship has prompted investigations into a possible connection between the PTCH gene and the formation of the odontogenic cysts often seen in individuals with the syndrome.
The pathogenesis and growth mechanisms of inflammatory odontogenic cysts of the jaws are not fully understood.
The first in the clinical differential diagnosis was the most common lesion at this site to be considered--Lateral Periodontal Cyst, which is rare amongst developmental odontogenic cysts.
The odontogenic cysts are pathological fluid filled cavities lined by odontogenic epithelium and further sub-classified as inflammatory and developmental.