oculogyric crises

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oc·u·lo·gy·ric cri·ses

incapacitating attacks of upward eye rolling seen in encephalitis lethargica and in therapy with phenothiazine drugs.
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During our study we also recorded 2 patients of having excessive salivation due to Clozapine, 4 patients of Hyperprolactinemia due to Risperidone and 2 patients of oculogyric crises caused by Olanzapine.
FDA inclusion of cetirizine into "Drugs to Watch List for Oculogyric Crises" does not mean that healthcare professionals should stop prescribing the drug or the patients should stop taking it.
Common signs of these diseases include hypotonia (low muscle tone); rigidity; movement disorders (i.e., tremors or dystonia); oculogyric crises (abnormal eye movements); temperature instability; profuse sweating; absence of speech; and developmental delay.