Relating to the eyes and heart.
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Urgent surgical repair is mandatory in patients presenting with unresolved oculocardiac reflexes (OCRs), commonly seen in pediatric patients with limited vertical eye movement due to the entrapped inferior rectus muscle or periorbital tissues evidently on imaging, a condition known as the "white-eyed" fracture [6].
NS that can be associated with other syndromic features such as mental retardation, central nervous system abnormalities, oculocardiac defects, or skeletal abnormalities is called linear NS syndrome, or Schimmelpenning syndrome (a neurocutaneous phakomatosis).[6] In this case, no involvement of oral and genital mucosae was seen.
(13,14,15) Allergic reactions to the local anesthetic agents, hypoglycemia, stroke, oculocardiac reflex, and the potentially fatal LATS are among these complications.
Topical anesthesia saves the patients from the risks of globe perforations, optic nerve injury, oculocardiac reflex and above all, the pain and fear perceived because of the peribulbar injections.
Hemorrhage, as well as the oculocardiac reflex that may result in bradycardia, are two common complications of exenteration that can be fatal for birds.
Subjects were assessed on presentation by facial trauma specialists for a positive oculocardiac reflex, CSF leakage, a penetrating mechanism of injury, extraocular muscle entrapment or injury, traumatic optic neuropathy, or other injuries to the face, cranium, or globe injury requiring emergency surgery.
We did a Pub Med search for the terms "coronary artery spasm," "neurosurgery", "intraoperative" "oculocardiac reflex" and "Trigeminal-cardiac reflex" from 1 January 1970 to 31 March 2013 for all the relevant publications in any language.
Patients managed in the operating room who presented bilateral fixed dilated pupils and absence of oculocardiac reflex were excluded.
The body's oculocardiac reflex, stimulated by gentle pressure on the eyeballs, is another "rest-and-digest" trigger.