ocular tension

oc·u·lar ten·sion (Tn),

resistance of the tunics of the eye to deformation; it can be estimated digitally or measured by means of a tonometer.
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oc·u·lar ten·sion

(Tn) (ok'yū-lăr ten'shŭn)
Resistance of the tunics of the eye to deformation; it can be estimated digitally or measured by means of a tonometer. The pressure in the eye is measured in increased mmHg levels.
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While using a mobile phone and, especially while surfing the internet, playing a game or texting, we concentrate so much that we tend to blink less and this increases the risk of developing ocular tension and dryness of the conjunctiva.
According to the ophthalmological examination protocol, all patients were subjected to visual acuity test using Snellen chart; ocular tension measurement using Goldmann applanation tonometer; biomicroscopic examination; central 10-degree visual field test using Octopus 900 (Interzeag AG, Schlieren-Zurich, Switzerland); fundus autofluorescence photography and color fundus photograph examination using Visucam NM/FA (Carl Zeiss, Germany), and macular RGC-IPL thickness and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness measurements using Cirrus high-definition OCT, model 5000 (Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc., Jena, Germany).
Ocular tension and movements were within normal limit with an intact orbital margin and normal fundus examination.
We suspect that a common background exists between high ocular tension and metabolic syndrome and some potential pathophysiological mechanisms about metabolic syndrome and IOP have been revealed by recent research.
The Tono-Pen (Medtronic Solan, Jacksonville, FL, USA) is more likely to have higher variability than GAT and produces lower readings in patients with ocular tension [greater than or equal to]20 mmHg [16].
The finding of very similar ocular tension in hypertensive and non-hypertensive groups of third trimester pregnant women by Philip and Gore (22), contrasts with the association between vascular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma in elderly patients found in a previous study (14).
The objective of the test is to determine the tolerance and effects of the SYL040012 drug on the intraocular pressure of patients with high ocular tension.
Increased ocular tension and more extensive orbital inflammation were associated with loss of vision in a univariate analysis but became nonsignificant in the multivariate analysis.
Post: What is the next step if ocular tension isn't as low as you would like it in someone you consider to have normal tension glaucoma?
The ocular tension was 17.3 mm by Shiotz tonometry in both eyes.
Effect of moderate exercise on the ocular tension. British Journal of Ophthalmology.
MANAGEMENT: includes both surgical and medical approaches to reduce raised intra ocular tension. Aqueous suppressants, including beta-blockers and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors have been shown to be safe and effective.