ocular pathology

pathology, ocular 

The discipline which deals with the nature of diseases of the eye and its surrounding structures, their effect on the ocular tissues and on ocular functions, as well as the causes and management.
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4) The main determinant of visual impairment due to ocular pathology in myopic eyes appears to be AL.
In sub group of patients without ocular pathology 413(94.
3,4) Persistent AHP due to ocular pathology may lead to permanent deformities caused by muscular atrophy and musculoskeletal system changes secondary to the position.
com)-- Ophthalmology diagnostics includes corneal imaging: topography (pentacam), specular microscopy, slit-lamp photography, and confocal microscopy, corneal analysis for infectious keratitis, electroretinography, fluorescein imaging, ocular infection diagnosis, ocular pathology, and ultrasound of the eye.
Enucleation remains an inexpensive, safe and viable treatment option for many types of severe ocular pathology in cows and animal can be retained to original reproduction within few weeks, in addition to increase longevity of cows within the herd.
1,8] Significant ocular pathology (microphthalmia, colobomas, retinal dysplasia and cataracts) occurs in up to 50% of patients, and sensorineural hearing loss has been reported.
From the Department of Ocular Pathology (Ms Chauhan and Drs Sen and Kashyap), Department of Ocular Microbiology (Dr A.
Ocular Pathology, 7th Edition (online access included)
If the reduced acuity is due to ocular pathology, there is typically no improvement in visual acuity with the pinhole.
In order to ensure that only computer use-related symptoms were reported in this study, visual factors that influence findings such as presbyopia, uncorrected refractive errors, binocular vision anomalies, ocular pathology and contact lens wear were taken into consideration in the selection of participants.
Case details, including ocular pathology present and the indication for evisceration in each bird, are given in Table 1.
Also, it should never be taken as the only criteria for the diagnosis or treatment of any ocular pathology.