ocular pathology

pathology, ocular 

The discipline which deals with the nature of diseases of the eye and its surrounding structures, their effect on the ocular tissues and on ocular functions, as well as the causes and management.
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Subjects with best corrected vision less than 6/12, contact lens users, strabismus and any ocular pathology were excluded from the study.
I decided to complete my Professional Certificate in Medical Retina firstly due to my passion for ocular pathology. My knowledge was also fresh out of the prereg period and I didn't want to lose the study ethic I had.
Patients with known anterior or posterior segment's ocular pathology, previous history of ocular trauma, or surgery were excluded from the study.
Study inclusion criteria were being 18-40 years of age, having no ocular pathology other than keratoconus, and having a minimum corneal thickness of 400 microns and progression of keratoconus in the last 12 months.
These are Corneal and Anterior Segment; Vitreo-Retinal, Glaucoma, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Orbito-Plastic, Ocular Pathology, Uveitis, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Community/Public Health Ophthalmology.
Post-operative visual acuity measurements at 12 weeks were sub-divided in patients with and without ocular pathology. In sub group of patients without ocular pathology 413(94.5%) patients' vision was Good, 18(4.1%) patients' vision was Borderline and 6(1.4%) patients had Poor visual acuity outcome (Table-3).
There were no apparent inflammatory changes, neither in retina nor in choroid; therefore the authors assume that the ocular pathology was solely caused by a harmful event in utero in the last third of gestation (based on the retinal stratification) and the later infection had no (or minimal) influence on these changes.
However, when to intervene and whether or not it is of benefit for patients without ocular pathology is still unclear [26].
Maryland Heights, MO, May 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Ophthalmology diagnostics includes corneal imaging: topography (pentacam), specular microscopy, slit-lamp photography, and confocal microscopy, corneal analysis for infectious keratitis, electroretinography, fluorescein imaging, ocular infection diagnosis, ocular pathology, and ultrasound of the eye.
The findings of these studies are consistent with previous work showing that aged Nrf2 knockout mice develop ocular pathology with similar features to human age-related muscular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness [5].
Enucleation remains an inexpensive, safe and viable treatment option for many types of severe ocular pathology in cows and animal can be retained to original reproduction within few weeks, in addition to increase longevity of cows within the herd.
[1,8] Significant ocular pathology (microphthalmia, colobomas, retinal dysplasia and cataracts) occurs in up to 50% of patients, and sensorineural hearing loss has been reported.