ocular myiasis

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oc·u·lar my·i·a·sis

invasion of the conjunctival sac or eyeball by larvae of flies, for example, Hypoderma bovis, H. lineata, Sarcophaga, or Gasterophilus intestinalis.
Synonym(s): ophthalmomyiasis
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A case in South Africa of ocular myiasis in man due to the first-stage larvae of the nasal bot fly of the sheep (Oestrus ovis L.).
(blowflies) Ophthalmomyiasis * Oestrus ovis (botflies) (ocular myiasis) * Rhinoestrus purpurea * Wohlfahrita magnifica (Old World fleshflies) * Wohlfahrita nuba Creeping myiasis * Gasterophilus spp.
Myiasis is infestation of live tissue of humans by larvae (maggots), with ocular myiasis being the most prevalent type.