ocular motor

oc·u·lar mo·tor

relating to or causing movements of the eyeball.
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It is crucial during ocular motor therapy that the patient has good feedback about what their body and head are doing while performing the task.
It is suggested that one or more ocular motor nerves may be compressed by edematous or dilated carotid artery.
For ocular motor tracking, 62 and 15 percent of children in the DD and TD groups, respectively, had scores in the impaired range (difference, 47 percent; 95 percent CI, 25 to 69 percent; P < 0.001).
Specialists in ophthalmology and radiology cover examination of the afferent visual system, visual fields, magnetic resonance imaging for the ophthalmologist, transient visual loss/retinal artery occlusion, optic nerve disorders, optic chiasm, retrochiasmal disorders, non-physiologic visual loss, neuro-ophthalmologic examinations--efferent systems, ocular misalignment and other ocular motor disorders, nystagmus, pupil, and orbital disease of neuro-ophthalmic significance.
Many drivers with disabilities may not recognize where they are in space relative to other objects, and the ocular motor skills used to scan and react may be slower or less accurate, so it takes them longer to process the environment.
External ocular motor palsies in ophthalmic zoster: a review.
Chi SL et al suggested that diabetes mellitus or a combination of diabetes and hypertension, but not hypertension alone, is a risk factor for microvascular ischaemic ocular motor cranial neuropathies.
The treatment is mainly dependent on surgical resection.[sup][2] Regularly, the complete resection was recommended to avoid recurrence, which could make the injury of abducens nerve palsy.[sup][3] At present, there is no effective rehabilitation therapy for ocular motor nerve palsy caused by brain surgery or trauma.[sup][4] Our team has applied the intraorbital electroacupuncture into clinical practice and achieved great success.[sup][5] In this case, this therapy was performed on postoperative abducens nerve palsy.
"Joubert syndrome" revisited: Key ocular motor signs with magnetic resonance imaging correlation.
* Ocular motor nerve palsies: Dr Sandeep Chattopadhyay