ocular migraine

oc·u·lar mi·graine

a form of migraine with transient monocular vision loss, typically in young adults, which may or may not be associated with headache around the eye.
Synonym(s): retinal migraine
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10 to 15 percent of world population are suffering from various types of chronic headache (Migraine, ocular migraine, tension headache, cluster headache and various types of diffuse headache).
(7.) Ocular Migraines (Ophthalmic or Eye Migraines) by Marilyn Haddrill-All About Vision 2007.
What you describe sounds like an ocular migraine. People with this form of migraine do not always experience headaches, but see patterns of flashing or scintillating (shimmering) lights.
About a month ago while running on the treadmill at home, I experienced a "silent ocular migraine." I got off the machine for a break and when I got back on, I lost the vision in my right eye.
Vasospasm of retinal circulation and vasospasm of ophthalmic artery occurs in ocular migraine. Retinal arteriolar constriction and pale optic disc are seen in early stages of headache and hyperemia of disc in late stages of visual changes in headache patients.
Can you give me information regarding ocular migraine? I suffered with classic migraine since my early teens (I'm now in my late 70s).
"Flashing lights that last for 15-30 minutes are often symptomatic of ocular migraines," says Stephen.
Hannan said: "Flashing lights that last for 15-30 minutes are often symptomatic of ocular migraines. Once the flashing lights start, you can stop a full-blown migraine by taking painkillers, drinking water, upping your blood sugar with food and lying down in a dark room."
"One in five people that suffer with migraines experience ocular migraines, so they are fairly common and usually cause vision problems in both eyes simultaneously," says Sarah.
Christopher (Nature's Herbs); he said, and I agree, that it will stop most angina, TIAs, acute bleeding, seizures, and some ocular migraines by the count of 10 (or within 5 or 10 minutes).
I began having ocular migraines [July/August 2007 issue] in my 40s and thought they might have to do with changing hormones.
Her medical history included mild asthma as a child and a 7-year history of ocular migraines. She had had two pregnancies, both of which culminated in cesarean sections; during one of them, she delivered fraternal twins.