ocular micrometer

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oc·u·lar mi·cro·me·ter

a glass disk that fits in a microscope eyepiece and that has a ruled scale; when calibrated with a slide micrometer, direct measurements of a microscopic object can be made.
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In each tubular cross-section, the height of germinal epithelium was observed with the help of ocular micrometer at 40X magnification.
They were later measured and drawn by using ocular micrometer and drawing tube attachment, respectively.
An eyepiece fitted with an ocular micrometer, was used to capture the photographs.
The measurements were made with an ocular micrometer attached to a stereoscopic microscope (Pereira et al.
All cytological smears were stained with hematoxylin and eosin staining.13 Two types of micrometers are used to measure an object under a microscope i.e stage micrometer and ocular micrometer. Ocular micrometer is precalibrated using a stage micrometer on required optical combination before making accurate measurements.12 The ocular micrometer was precalibrated with the help of stage micrometer according to which one division of ocular micrometer was equal to 3m using the following equation: 100 div on ocular micrometer = 30 divisions on stage micrometer (one div =10m) = 30A-10 100 div on ocular micrometer = 300 um 1 div on ocular micrometer = x x =3 m
(Figure 1) The depth of stromal invasion was measured using an ocular micrometer; the measurement was made between the deepest part of the invasive focus and the basement membrane of the overlying epithelium.
Using an ocular micrometer and an objective micrometer is the only valid and recognized method to measure the size of erythrocytes.
Measurements of taxonomically important parts were taken with the help of stage and ocular micrometer using Noif microscope (XSZ 107BN, with 10X10X magnification).
To this end a 2 cm piece form each root-shoot junction was placed in FAA (formalin acetic alcohol) solution and root parameters were measured by an ocular micrometer under a compound microscope, which was calibrated with the help of a stage micrometer.
Measurements were made with an ocular micrometer at 10X on a Carl Zeiss Stemi DV4 stereomicroscope, photographs taken on the same microscope with a Samsung Digimax A50 camera.
Measurements were carried out using an ocular micrometer in a stereoscopic microscope at a magnification of 15X.
calibrate the ocular micrometer, and acquire proper measurements utilizing ocular and stage micrometers; and