ocular headache

headache, ocular (HA)

A headache believed to result from excessive use of the eyes, uncorrected refractive error, especially hyperopia and low grades of astigmatism, binocular vision anomaly or eye diseases. This headache typically occurs in the brow region but also in the occipital or neck regions. See accommodative insufficiency; asthenopia.
Millodot: Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, 7th edition. © 2009 Butterworth-Heinemann
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Ocular headache was found in 36% followed by primary headache (27%), ENT problems (17%), medical causes (12%), and miscellaneous causes (3%).
Although there is no consensus about the headache management, but on conducting a statistical study of probable causes of ocular headache it was found that occurrences of anterior headaches were more common.
Of those, 10 reported imploding headaches--described by adjectives such as "crushing" and "viselike"--or experienced ocular headaches, reported to feel like an eye is popping out or that someone is pushing a finger into an eye.
Three months after treatment, 13 patients had responded to the treatment with a reduction in migraine pain, including 10 who had imploding or ocular headaches and three who had exploding headaches.
Patients with exploding headaches experienced an average reduction in migraine frequency of 11.4 to 9.4 days per month, whereas frequency in participants with imploding or ocular headaches reduced from an average of 7.1 days per month to 0.6 days per month.