ocular flutter

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oc·u·lar flut·ter

a spontaneous, brief, intermittent, horizontal oscillation of the eyes occurring during fixation; it often coexists with ocular dysmetria in cerebellar syndromes.

flutter, ocular

An involuntary, rapid, horizontal saccadic oscillation of both eyes while attempting to fixate an object. It is a sign of cerebellar disease. See ocular myoclonus; opsoclonus.
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The myoclonus, ocular flutter, and irritability subsided by day 16, when MRI findings returned to normal.
The patient's symptoms of irritability, ataxia, myoclonus, and ocular flutter 3 days after the onset of typical HFMD manifestations, along with CSF mononuclear pleocytosis and the lesions around the fourth ventricle shown on MRI, led to the diagnosis of rhombencephalitis associated with HFMD.