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abbreviation for the Latin word oculis, "pertaining to the eyes."
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OCUL is a consortium of twenty university libraries in the province of Ontario.
Scholars Portal is an OCUL initiative that provides the infrastructure to all Ontario universities to support electronic access to major research materials.
AIL-Ohio; an auto financing network jointly owned by Aimbridge Indirect Lending, the OCUL Services Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ohio Credit Union League) and several Ohio credit unions is a subsidiary financing channel of Aimbridge Lending and connects credit unions with automobile loans and leases.
According to Dave Fearing, chief operations officer of OCUL Services Corporation, the taskforce chose to work with Aimbridge for three reasons.
com service from Aimbridge Indirect Lending of Ohio, an operation jointly owned by Aimbridge and OCUL Services Corp.
OCUL, a statewide trade association for credit unions, partnered with the fledgling Bulgarian kasa movement through WOCCU's People-to-People program.
The convenience factor is huge for consumers," said OCUL President Paul Mercer, making the announcement from the offices of BMI Federal Credit Union on Kinnear Road.
OCUL President Paul Mercer will be available for personal interviews
OCUL, with offices in Dublin, was organized in 1934 and is the state trade association for more than 600 Ohio credit unions.