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Heart surgery An anastomosis site restraining device designed to immobilize a specific area during minimally invasive “beating heart” CABG. See Beating heart surgery, Percutaneous coronary angioplasty.
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Octopuses haven't changed much in 165 million years.
The authors predict that farmed octopuses will be a luxury item in "upscale outlets." Maybe for people in northern European countries, but cephalopods continue to be an important food source for Mediterranean countries and all across Asia, often caught by artisanal fisheries and consumed by a wide swath of the populations.
This seemed strange because deep-sea octopuses aren't the ones for warm environments.
There's grappling, and sometimes a female engulfs the male with her arms and web--both moves that octopuses make when they fight.
There is no fishery that directly targets this complex, but octopuses are taken as bycatch in trawl, longline, and pot fisheries throughout Alaska--the majority of catch coming from pot fisheries targeting Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) (Sagalkin and Spalinger, 2011; Conners et al., 2012).
The cases containing the octopuses came with certificates guaranteeing that they are not contaminated with any radioactive substances released by the Fukushima plant.
Accordingly, we trained a group of octopuses on a simple visual discrimination and subsequently examined VPARP enzyme activity in their brains.
pounds 10, www.mothercare.com TOMY Octopals floating bath toy includes eight baby octopuses to stick to the side of the bath.
flying octopuses? Only if you re at a Detroit Red Wings game, where fans often throw cooked octopuses onto the rink.
OCTOPUSES have an undeserved reputation of being devilish creatures believed to sink ships and drown humans -- and thanks to Paul, whom Amitabh Bachchan wanted to cook in beer and eat, they now are hated by just about every footie lover living outside of Spain and The Netherlands.