Relating to or characterized by ochronosis.


Relating to or characterized by ochronosis.
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Focal ligamentum flavum hypertrophy with ochronotic deposits: an unusual cause for neurogenic claudication in alkaptonuria.
O'Brien WM, La Du BN, Bunim JJ Biochemical, pathologic and clinical aspects of alkaptonuria, ochronosis and ochronotic arthropathy.
Ochronotic arthropathy: rapid destructive hip osteoarthritis associated with metabolic disease.
The major clinical manifestations of the disease are dark urine, usually present at birth, ochronosis (blue-dark pigmentation of connective tissues), and ochronotic arthropathy, which especially affects the large weight-bearing joints and spine and typically appears after the age of thirty.
Ochronotic spondyloarthropathy is the most common complication of AKU.
Aortotomy revealed typical ochronotic pigmentation of a severely calcified aortic valve and aortic intima.
Alkaptonuria causes progressive ochronotic arthropathy of the large weightbearing joints (knees, hips, shoulders, vertebrae).
Symptomatic management is the primary treatment for ochronotic arthropathy.
Studies on ochronosis: a report of a case with death from ochronotic nephrosis.
If these deposits are ochronotic, one must then wonder what role they played in the discoloration of the skin.
This syndrome derives its name from the clinical appearance of cutaneous blue-black hyperpigmentation and the presence of histologic examination of ochronotic deposits in the dermis.
Ochronotic artropathy: pathological evidence of acute destruction of the hip joint.