ochratoxin A

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o·chra·tox·in A

ochratoxin produced by some species of Aspergillus and Penicillium that can contaminate cereal grains and feeds, primarily following improper storage; a potent carcinogen in rodents.

ochratoxin, ochratoxin A

an isocoumarin derivative mycotoxin produced by the fungus Acpergillus spp. fungi. A nephrotoxin causing ochratoxicosis. Experimentally it has been shown to have teratogenic effects, especially in pigs, including eye malformation, hydrocephalus, short jaw, other skeletal and cardiac defects.
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The fact is that in many places where the detection of ochratoxin A is a necessity, there is no equipment and the detection process fails.
Managing ochratoxin A risk in the grape-wine food chain.
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Chapter five has dealt with two contaminants namely aflatoxins and ochratoxin A in two major sections.
VICAM, a world leader in food safety diagnostics, has announced that AOAC International has awarded Official Method First Action status to the protocol: "Determination of Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 and Ochratoxin A in Ginseng and Ginger by Multitoxin Immunoaffinity Column Clean-up and Liquid Chromatographic Quantitation.
Another was a new code that should prevent or reduce contamination in wines of Ochratoxin A, a mycotoxin known to be toxic to the kidneys.
We do however need to think more carefully about storage mycotoxins and particularly Ochratoxin A which can occur within days if grain at higher moisture levels is not dried quickly enough.
Green Cuisine chilli and Bart Spices paprika also had high levels of ochratoxin A, linked to kidney cancer.
The test uses wide bore immunoaffinity columns, which provide a faster flow rate that gives even greater speed to the detection of Ochratoxin A.