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, pl.


(ō-sel'ŭs, -lī),
1. The simple eye found in many invertebrates. Synonym(s): eyespot (2)
2. Facet of the compound eye of an insect.
[L. dim. of oculus, eye]


n. pl. ocelli (ō-sĕl′ī′)
1. A simple eye, found in many invertebrates, consisting of a number of sensory cells and often a single lens.
2. A marking that resembles an eye, as on the tail feathers of a male peacock; an eyespot.

o·cel′lar (ō-sĕl′ər) adj.


a single eye with a single lens found in insects and some other invertebrates.
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Propodeum with punctures and/or scutum with erect hairs about as long as half the diameter of the ocellus. [Mesosoma and metasoma without any yellow.] ...
OOL hardly half as long as LOL, about equal to longer diameter of lateral ocellus. Head in frontal view 1.2x as wide as high.
POL:OOL:LOL = 8:5:3, diameter of lateral ocellus 2.0; head 2.1 times as broad as long in dorsal view; lower face and frons without carinae.
Their tails are large and rounded with an orange ocellus (eyespot) at the base, and protruding eyes are positioned on top of their relatively flattened heads.
Daran vida tambien a 'Pseudophodia', que se distingue por sus volteretas acompanadas de un solo de percusion; 'Darkness and Light', una colaboracion con el afamado titiritero Basil Twist; 'Ocellus', un clasico a cargo de cuatro bailarines y 'Rushes', el resultado de una colaboracion con Inbal Pinto y Avshalom Pollak.
Peucellier) OC ocellus, grocery, loci OHS oh-so, mohsite (oxide of iron and titanium) OS osmosis, ulvOspinel(a mineral), thos(canine beasts) OUS gousblom(aplant of the Compositae), klipkous(abalone) OWES Lowestoft (in Suffolk, UK) OZ corozo (a South American tree allied to the palms) short 's' sound followed by long 'O' sound....
Whereas the peacock objectifies the gorgeousness of Lucien's artistic vision--the beautiful ocellus mirroring the appreciative eye--the miserable flower that Georges contemplates reflects the "pauvrete vegetale" of his own sterile imagination (120).
Globalpoint Technology, which is based in North Shields, has been approved as an official partner of QinetiQ to sell the company's market-leading tracker device, the Ocellus S100.
O masculino ocellus se tornou neutro: clausa ocella...
taranetzi, Raja binoculata Shark * Somniosus [pacificus.sup.O], Squalus acanthias, Lamna ditropis Other poachers * Aspidophoroides [bartoni.sup.O], Bathyagonus alascanus, Leptagonus leptorhynchus, Pallasina barbata, Percis japonicus Sawback poacher Sarritor [frenatus.sup.MO] Sturgeon poacher Agonus [acipenserinus.sup.IM] Bering poacher Ocellus [dodecaedron.sup.I] Bering wolffish and wolfeel Anarhichas orientalis and Anarrhichthys ocellatus Searcher Bathymaster [signatus.sup.O] Other sculpins Artediellus pacificus, Leptocottus armatus, Enophrys spp., Psychrolutes paradoxus, Blepsias bilobus, Nautichthys pribilouious, Icelinus spp.