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(ŏs′ə-lā′tĭd, ō′sə-, ō-sĕl′ā′-) also


1. Having an ocellus or ocelli.
2. Resembling an ocellus.

oc′el·la′tion n.
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The funny thing about the Ocellated turkey is that it is the oddest, most un-turkey-like bird of the six turkey subspecies.
Both of my Mexico hunts, for die Gould's and Ocellated, were priceless.
length (mm) Dec 14 0 5 51.6 Jan 11 103 14.8 0 Feb 12 24 19.0 4 23.5 Mar 12 34 38.9 4 49.3 Apr 24 0 25 53.8 May 18 0 5 77.6 Jun 30 0 5 76.6 Jul 32 0 0 Aug 30 0 7 45.3 Sep 27 0 3 55.3 Oct 16 3 102.7 2 58.0 Nov 17 1 106.0 2 47.0 Dec 11 0 3 32.7 Ocellated Southern flounder flounder Temperature Average Average Month ([degrees]C) No.
Ancylopsetta quadrocellata Gill (ocellated flounder) were collected in a wide temperature range (8-26[degrees]C) in a Georgia estuary (6).
Dorsal rays VI+I, 12-13; anal rays I,13; pectoral rays 19; longitudinal scale series 98-100; no median pre-dorsal scales; scales on side of nape extending forward to above middle of opercle; body depth 5.5-5.8 in SL; head length 3.45-3.5 in SL; snout length 1.75 in HL; gill opening extending forward to above middle of peopercle; third to fifth dorsal spines of male prolonged as filaments; caudal fin lanceolate, 2.6-2.85 in SL; pelvic fins fully joined medially, reaching origin of anal fin; pelvic frenum present; four orangish brown bars on body with irregular dark markings between; rays of dorsal fins with ocellated orange spots, the soft rays tipped with orange; basal part of anal fin with narrow adjacent bands of black, orange, blue, and blue-green; pelvic fins pale blue or green.
Our driver stopped unexpectedly to allow a pair of brightly plumed ocellated turkeys to cross the path.
Edouard Glissant's oeuvre once again dazzles with its range, its wealth of insight and meditative infrastructure, its delicate yet passionate potique de la relation, offering us ocellated difference within a vision of globality, "everybodyness." The Poemes complets collection goes as far back as the 1947-54 Sang rive and brings us up to Les Grands Chaos of 1994.
Given its depth range, this species may be an ecological counterpart of the hornyhead turbot, Pleuronichthys verticalis, which occurs off California and the outer coast of Baja California and of the ocellated turbot, Pleuronichthys ocellatus, which occurs in the northern Gulf of California (Fitch 1963, Allen 1982).
paradoxus) and the ocellated sardine (Sardinops ocellatus), and the increase in the Cape horse-mackerel (Trachurus capensis) in the upwellings of the Benguela current in the 1960s and 1970s, although the situation reversed in the 1980s.
I have, however, seen its cousin, the much rarer and more localized Ocellated Turkey.
For instance, we used mist-nets sparingly throughout this study, and observed that in certain areas several understory insectivores were caught at the same time (i.e., the Ocellated Antbird, Phaenostictus mcleannani, the Stripe-breasted Wren, Cantorchilus thoracicus, and the White-breasted Wood Wren, H.