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(ŏs′ə-lā′tĭd, ō′sə-, ō-sĕl′ā′-) also


1. Having an ocellus or ocelli.
2. Resembling an ocellus.

oc′el·la′tion n.
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In the haplotype network for ocellate spot skate, the OS haplotypes (Ok13 and Ok14) were distant from others, but these two haplotypes are closely related to each other in the network (Fig.
Striped Bass, the final group, consumed ocellate lady crab (8.2%) and a variety of fish species: Atlantic Menhaden (10.1%), Bay Anchovy (16.0%), Northern Puffer (19.2%), Weakfish (6.9%), and UID and other fishes (29.0%).
Diagnosis: A species of bamboo shark belonging to the genus Hemiscyllium, distinguished from related species by a unique colour pattern, particu-larly the combination of dense leopard-like spotting on the body and a large black ocellate spot on the middle of the side, just behind the head.