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, pl.


(ō-sel'ŭs, -lī),
1. The simple eye found in many invertebrates. Synonym(s): eyespot (2)
2. Facet of the compound eye of an insect.
[L. dim. of oculus, eye]


n. pl. ocelli (ō-sĕl′ī′)
1. A simple eye, found in many invertebrates, consisting of a number of sensory cells and often a single lens.
2. A marking that resembles an eye, as on the tail feathers of a male peacock; an eyespot.

o·cel′lar (ō-sĕl′ər) adj.


a single eye with a single lens found in insects and some other invertebrates.
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Head blackish brown with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subglossy blackish brown with microtomentum; ocellar triangle darkish brown without microtomentum; lunule strap-shaped, darkish gray with black margin.
Face, frons and vertex gold-silver pruinose, mystax black, ocellar macrosetae black.
47 wide, with pale ocellar areas present but diffuse, those areas without scale-like setae.
Face, frons and vertex dull red-gold pruinose, mystax black, ocellar macrosetae black.
Setulae and setae on head black except postero-ventral setulae yellow; ocellar tubercle distinct, with 2 long oc and 2 short posterior setulae.
Frons and ocellar area shiny, densely and finely punctate; vertex shiny, sparsely, finely punctate.
Ocellar tubercle weak, with 2 very long oc and 2 very short posterior hairs.
The following abbreviations are used: a = anterior seta(e), acr = acrostichal setula(e), ad = anterior dorsal seta(e), app = apical posterior seta(e), apv = apical ventral seta(e), av = anterior ventral seta(e), dc = dorsocentral seta(e), oc = ocellar, or = fronto-orbital seta(e), p = posterior seta, pd = posterior dorsal seta(e), prsc = prescutellar acrostichal seta(e), pv = posterior ventral seta(e).
The following abbreviations are used: acr = acrostichal seta(e), ad = anterodorsal seta(e), av = anteroventral seta(e), d = dorsal seta(e), dc = dorsocentral seta(e), h = humeral seta(e), oc = ocellar seta(e), npl = notopleural seta(e), pd = posterodorsal seta(e), prsc = prescutellar seta(e), psa = postalar seta(e), pv = posteroventral seta(e), sc = scutellar seta(e), v = ventral seta(e).
Frons and vertex blackish, partly silver pruinose (anteriorly and along eye margins), partly dull red-brown pruinose (either side of ocellar tubercle), centrally (anterior of ocellar tubercle) shiny apruinose.
Head black with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subshiny black without microtomentum; ocellar triangle black without microtomentum; lunule small, yellow with brownish yellow margin.