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an activity that has unique meaning and purpose for a person.


The activity that constitutes the social contribution one makes, for which some sort of compensation may generally be received.


1. Any goal-directed pursuit in which one works for a wage, salary, or other income.
2. Any goal-directed use of time.
3. Any activity or pursuit in which one is engaged outside one's work, e.g., a hobby or sport.

secondary occupation

Employment in addition to that for which one is primarily hired.
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McKee uses passive construction to either avoid naming the source of the Occupy identity (negating hierarchies, and avoiding naming that charismatic leader I seek), or to suggest that common practices were developed on a group level.
htm) spokesperson for the Occupy movement during the protests outside St Paul's in 2011, which were (http://www.
Occupy Eugene said their plans call for having the tent open on Sundays after this weekend, as well.
But it is difficult to locate any specific unifying demands or goals outlined or explicitly stated by Occupy Wall Street protesters.
Spencer Mewherter, a sophomore at Clark and a community activist, said he is primarily a member of Occupy Worcester.
We plan on occupying until our elected officials recognize that the people are the supremest authority and that they are there for our needs not the financial institutions or corporations," said Lauren Welker, who is in charge of Occupy Austin's media relations.
Occupy Eugene calls attention to these needs 24 /7 by its visibility.
In the two-an--a half weeks since the storm ravaged the coastal edges of Gotham's five boroughs, sweeping away cars and knocking down power lines, tearing roofs and facades clear off waterfront homes and businesses while drowning others in waist-deep waters, an incarnation of the embattled Occupy community has emerged as an unlikely hero of relief efforts in the city.
According to local media, the march was "in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and against corruption.
The proposal also requires Occupy Eugene to get council approval if it wants to move to another city park before Dec.