occupational risk

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occupational risk,

n a hazard found or likely to occur in the workplace. The number and types of hazards a health care worker may encounter in the routine conduct of health care delivery.
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In the following are presented the proposed objectives and scenario for a future research regarding the occupational risk evaluation in the context of the financial opportunities given by the PN II program in Romania, and the specific Ideas Exploratory Projects format.
The second part consists of regression analysis in order to observe the reflection of socioeconomic condition and occupational risk level on reimbursements.
The empirical evidence that industry risk rates are significant determinants of wages while occupational risk rates are not, suggests that their assumption may not be correct
Think of business as a dense archipelago, with a network of occupational risk experts communicating fast and accurately within it.
Occupational risk factors for Alzheimer disease: a case-control study.
This premise carries an unstated consequence: an occupational risk to healthcare workers who respond to the needs of contagious patients.
Surveillance of persons at occupational risk for exposure to retroviruses from NHPs may quantify risks for xenograft transmission of these viruses and provide information on their pathogenicity to and transmissibility among humans.
Contract notice: occupational risk prevention services for canal de isabel ii, Sa
Thousands of miles away, Maine fishermen say their greatest occupational risk is wear and tear on the body from wrestling traps from the sea floor.
Tularemia on Martha's Vineyard: seroprevalence and occupational risk.

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