occupational profile

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oc·cu·pa·tion·al pro·file

(ok'yū-pā'shŭn-ăl prō'fīl)
A method of systematically describing a person's occupational history, patterns of daily living, interests, values, and needs.

occupational profile

Those components of an occupational therapy evaluation that collectively provide non–performance-related information, e.g., the individual's interests, values, experiences, occupational history, and needs.
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The researchers chose a scoping review method to address the evidence supporting the effectiveness of expressive art techniques as intervention tools to enhance the occupational profile for clients with the aforementioned communication deficits.
The CTS is a series of competency based standards for 113 different occupational profiles in the fields of technology.
During both reevaluations, the same occupational profile assessment used during the evaluation is administered.
Volition is important for pediatric occupational therapists to address because it contributes to occupation-based practice, the development of a more holistic occupational profile, and a strengths-based approach to therapy.
In addition, each occupational profile displays one or two of the highest rated of O*NET's six work values.
Drawing extensively on Chartist regional and local newspapers, Fraser identifies similar occupational profiles for Scottish and English Chartists.
I think additional work is definitely needed to clarify occupational profiles and to what degree technical skills are applicable and transferrable, and to what degree some retraining is required.
Thus, PMRs only reflect the industrial and occupational profiles of those states in those years.
The following areas of direction and strategies for CTE were identified in the study countries: (1) occupational profiles, core occupations, and cooperation between education and industries in Europe; (2) tech prep and improvements in postsecondary education in the United States; and (3) implementation of a coherent CTE system, collaboration between schools and industries, and school-industry incubation practices in Taiwan.
The evidence for this conclusion, however, comes from selected Ontario towns rather than prairie data and focuses exclusively on occupational profiles without taking into consideration the close fit between evangelical morals and middle class respectability.
To view the skills necessary for various jobs, and the level of mastery students need to perform them, educators can purchase Work Keys' Occupational Profiles Handbook.
In each subsequent partition level, two related clusters existing at the previous level are fused together until in the end all occupational profiles are merged into one all-inclusive cluster.

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