occupational profile

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oc·cu·pa·tion·al pro·file

(ok'yū-pā'shŭn-ăl prō'fīl)
A method of systematically describing a person's occupational history, patterns of daily living, interests, values, and needs.

occupational profile

Those components of an occupational therapy evaluation that collectively provide non–performance-related information, e.g., the individual's interests, values, experiences, occupational history, and needs.
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Part three is the appendices which list the occupational profile competencies, explain the CTS and provides further information on CTHRB.
By 2005, the overall occupational profile of blacks may change only moderately.
The following discusses the current occupational profile of the hospital industry and, in view of the industry's ongoing transition, shifts in staffing patterns over the 1983-89 period.
For the most recent national estimates and industry, State, and metropolitan area profiles, see the athletic trainer occupational profile online at www.
Also, their spouses have a similar educational and occupational profile.
The occupational profile for geographers, for example, identifies five abilities as most important: Oral expression, written expression, written comprehension, oral comprehension, and spatial orientation.
No matter how you look at the numbers, lawyers are a prominent feature in our country's occupational profile.
Contract awarded for Service Contract "Design Plans Training Program Oriented More Capable, From Existing Occupational Profiles In The National Register Of Units Labor Skills For The Sectors Of Processing And Preservation
I think additional work is definitely needed to clarify occupational profiles and to what degree technical skills are applicable and transferrable, and to what degree some retraining is required.

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