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An initial analysis based solely upon occupational history data did not suggest a clear association with NHL for occupations or industries that can involve exposure to TCE and other chlorinated solvents (Schenk et al.
Upon reviewing this patient's occupational history, clinical presentation, and pathology results, it appears that exposure to talc in the course of his occupation as a carpet layer resulted in nodular opacities in the chest CT scan that were further identified as silicate pneumoconiosis on lung biopsy.
In summary, in this case of a young carpet installer who was diagnosed with silicatosis of the lung, a review of his occupational history revealed that the patient was exposed to talc in the course of his occupation.
The patient's medical and occupational history, in combination with his spirometry and PEFR measurements, supports the diagnosis of OA, reversible airways disease responding to bronchodilators with symptoms that are worse at work and improve away from work.
To assess exposure we obtained a detailed occupational history by applying a modified version of a previously designed questionnaire (Rivero-Rodriguez et al.
i] = exposure intensity weighting for position i (0-10), and n = number of positions worked during the occupational history.
The occupational history of long-term asbestos exposure prompted us to conduct immunohistochemical tests on the neoplastic tissue samples.
and b) lifetime occupational history in ET patients and in control subjects who were enrolled in a study of the environmental epidemiology of ET.
A 53-year-old man was evaluated for suspected pneumoconiosis as suggested by occupational history and reticulonodular pattern on chest radiograph with pleural thickening.
Without a detailed occupational history, such instances of intoxication could be easily misdiagnosed.
The patient's occupational history is remarkable because he spent the majority of his working life at a single governmental research facility specializing in weapons development.

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