occupational hazard

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occupational hazard,

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The questions were about their knowledge on musculoskeletal occupational hazards, its preventive exercises, the frequency in which they perform it, the basic ergonomics, chair positions, grasps, indirect visualization, use of dental loops etc.
Dr Alam explained that occupational hazards could be psychosocial (violence, stress), biological (communicable diseases), chemical, physical (noise, radiation, slippery surfaces), ergonomic (heavy lifting), and electrical, among others.
Brucellosis: an occupational hazard for medical laboratory personnel.
This I take to be an occupational hazard of a project that demanded many years to complete.
The primary objective of the case study is to teach students about epidemiology by studying an occupational hazard, disease associated with the hazard, and methods for preventing the disease.
They have become so common that they have are now recognized as a definite occupational hazard of the medical profession.
High-tech help is on the way for professional singers who face the occupational hazard of singing in the wrong vocal register.
It's an occupational hazard of being Atherstone United manager that inevitably you lose your better players because we can't compete with the bigger clubs.
Jandeska caught an exemplary instance in Management Review: "Of course, violence always has been an occupational hazard for some businesses: Gas stations, banks and convenience stores have had to protect themselves from robbers since the days of Jesse James.
Chemical substance-related impairment among health care professionals, including physicians, pharmacists and nurses, is perhaps the most common occupational hazard faced by this group.
This is less than helpful, but it may also be something of an occupational hazard for conservative "defense reformers.

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