occupational hazard

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occupational hazard,

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In a meeting convened in the NHRC on the 1st May, 2008, it was reiterated that silicosis is an occupational hazard and could only be prevented if the working conditions of workers are properly regulated in both the organized and un-organized sectors and needful precautions are adhered to by the employers.
Job stress in office settings and risky structures in construction settings, are estimated to be the two leading occupational hazards, they said.
A pedant could argue that that could be an occupational hazard but poses a much lower risk than those faced by health workers.
The regular scrubbing of hands is part of the job - an occupational hazard.
Stress is a primary occupational hazard for doctors.
This is often undeserved, but it is a occupational hazard in politics.
Wear and tear on muscles and joints are a dancer's occupational hazard.
This obfuscation amounts to an occupational hazard for voters.
Our pastors often suffer an occupational hazard in our parishes.
UNSANE Blood Run LP (Relapse)--Finally a follow up to 1998's Occupational Hazard album, the violently crafty noise legends of NYC's Unsane return.
OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD "There was this one stunt where I have this chain and I'm whiping it around, and I kept cutting my hands over and over again.
Getting arrested during protests over the Bush Administration's repressive regime is an occupational hazard for a journalist, but it also is a badge of honor.

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