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an activity that has unique meaning and purpose for a person.


The activity that constitutes the social contribution one makes, for which some sort of compensation may generally be received.


1. Any goal-directed pursuit in which one works for a wage, salary, or other income.
2. Any goal-directed use of time.
3. Any activity or pursuit in which one is engaged outside one's work, e.g., a hobby or sport.

secondary occupation

Employment in addition to that for which one is primarily hired.
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In Section 3, we show employment changes at the occupation level and decompose them into between- and within-sector components.
When making career plans, you may find it helpful to know which occupations are expected to have lots of openings.
In the data constructed for this article, each occupation was assigned to one of eight categories used by the BLS Employment Projections program.
Registered nurses, with over 60,000 jobs, were the largest healthcare occupation.
16 Business statistics in Scotland compiled by Steven Wilson Inactivity and employment rates % gap Employment rates Inactivity rates % gap Employment rates Inactivity rates 12 % gap Employment rates Inactivity rates 12 12 10 10 10 8 8 8 6 Employment Inactivity % Gap 6 6 4 Gap % Gap 2 4 4 % gap Employment rates Inactivity rates 0 Scotland England Wales NI 12 2 2 Median Pay Gap by Occupation 10 0 0 Scotland England Wales NI % pay gap 2015 2014 Scotland England Wales NI 35 8 30 Median Pay Gap by Occupation 6 25 Median Pay Gap by Occupation Gap 20 In 2014, the female labour market in Scotland outperformed the rest of the UK in terms of employment, unemployment and inactivity rates.
This article answers the question: What fraction of recent changes in the average wage is due to changes in the occupation mix versus changes in wages within occupations?
The other occupation-level variables are average years of education, required years of education, required work experience, required on-the-job training, percentage of workers who work part-time, percentage of workers who are immigrants, percentage of workers who are unionized, occupation wage premium, occupational offshorability, and the probability of the occupation being automated.
Called the Virtual Career Counselor (VCC), it is an interactive tool that allows users--a job-seeker or a workforce career counselor, for example--to estimate the needed preparation time to transition from one occupation to another.
Occupation profiles are available on the BLS website at www.
The occupations we do throughout life make up certain individual patterns of occupations, the everydays are organised in patterns of daily occupations, and in fact there is a specific pattern or structure of actions building up each single occupation.
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) report RAMALLAH, December 6, 2011 (WAFA) - About half of the Palestinian households were directly exposed to violence by occupation forces and settlers before July 2010, the highest in Gaza Strip, 49.
Baghdad (NINA) -- Head of the Iraqiya Slate at parliament, Salman Al Jumaily, described the occupation of Iraq as the black day, calling upon Iraqis to unite and foil the enemies' chances to inflict harm on its coherence.