occlusal interference

oc·clu·sal in·ter·fer·ence

(ŏ-klūzăl intĕr-fērăns)
Tooth cusp contacts that restrict or otherwise impede mandibular movement.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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Especially when the process of the eruption is slightly disturbed, occasionally, the distal part of the second molar might become dislocated and pressed up distally resulting in a slight tipping along the mesiodistal axis and cause a physiologic-based occlusal interference in the most posterior region of the mouth.
The restoration was examined for any occlusal interference using ceramic finishing instruments (Figure 8).
Influence of occlusal interference on the mandibular condylar position.
The Lucia jig not only eliminates any type of occlusal interference that may cause mandibular deviation of the centric relation (CR) for maximum habitual intercuspation (MHI) but also reduces the effect of muscular hyperactivity.
To evaluate the influence of guiding tooth geometry on contact forces distribution numerical experiment simulating adjustment of occlusal interference on the surface of one guiding tooth was performed.
Noise on eating/speaking is because of excessive occlusal vertical dimension, occlusal interference, loose dentures.
Masticatory muscle activity before and after elimination of balancing side occlusal interference. J Oral Rehab.
Therefore, reduction of the talon cusp in cases of occlusal interference should be done gradually and should be followed by application of fluoride varnish as a desensitizing agent [Segura-Egea et al., 2003; Maroto et al., 2006; Lee et al., 2006].
Complaints with the removable dental prostheses may also arise due to factors such as thick or over extended denture flange, loose or tight fitting denture, occlusal interference or frenal impingement.
As the extra cusp caused occlusal interference, we planned for gradual reduction of the cusp in successive visits with fluoride application each time.
Functional complications include occlusal interference, trauma to the lip and tongue, speech problems and displacement of teeth.