occlusal caries

oc·clu·sal car·ies

caries starting from the occlusal surface of a tooth.

oc·clu·sal ca·ries

(ŏ-klūzăl karēz)
Caries starting from occlusal tooth surface.
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This change may be explained because the use of bitewing x-rays for occlusal caries diagnosis has been questioned, since they have been considered more useful for interproximal lesions.
Imaging of inter proximal and occlusal caries, near the beginning root caries, and for imaging decay under compound fillings.
In August, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a systematic review, and the updated clinical practice guidelines it helped generate, giving a clear indication to dental professionals as to the marked benefit of the use of sealants in preventing and managing occlusal caries in children and adolescents.
The DD laser pen is more accurate in determining when teeth are free of occlusal caries than LED based device.
Intraoral examination revealed a proximal carious lesion involving the distal surface of tooth 74 and occlusal caries with 75 (Figure 1).
This effect can be achieved with a fiber optic illuminator, which is readily available at the hand piece coupler of the dental operatory and has been used for detection of approximal and occlusal caries.
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