occipital pole

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1. either extremity of any axis, as of the fetal ellipse or a body organ.
2. either one of two points that have opposite physical qualities (electric or other). adj., adj po´lar.
cephalic pole the end of the fetal ellipse at which the head of the fetus is situated.
frontal pole the most prominent part of the anterior end of each cerebral hemisphere.
occipital pole the posterior end of the occipital lobe of the brain.
pelvic pole the end of the fetal ellipse at which the breech of the fetus is situated.
temporal pole the prominent anterior end of the temporal lobe of the brain.

oc·cip·i·tal pole [TA] of cer·e·brum

the most posterior promontory of each cerebral hemisphere; the apex of the occipital lobe.
Synonym(s): occipital pole [TA], polus occipitalis [TA]

occipital pole

The posterior extremity of the occipital lobe.
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