occipital neuralgia

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post·trau·mat·ic neck syn·drome

a syndrome of neck pain, tenderness, and spasm, often associated with ill-defined symptoms (for example, dizziness, blurred vision), resulting from neck trauma, most often of the whiplash variety.
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occipital neuralgia

Neuralgia involving the upper cervical nerves, usually caused by nerve entrapment.
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occipital neuralgia

A type of headache that originates from the upper neck, often radiating toward the back of the head and the scalp on one or both sides. The pain may be chronic or intermittent and may extend all the way up the scalp to the forehead. It is associated with head and neck injury, osteoarthritis of the cervical spine, and, less often, with spinal infections or tumors. Treatments vary but sometimes include analgesic injections, corticosteroids, or other pain relievers.
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Occipital neuralgia

Pain on one side of the back of the head caused by entrapment or pinching of an occipital nerve.
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Weiner and Reed and others have reported successful use of PFNS for treatment of occipital neuralgia (1.2,13) Weiner and Reed reported thirteen patients underwent 17 implant procedures for medically refractory occipital neuralgia using PNFS with follow-up ranging from 1-1/2 to 6 years.
Botulinum toxin occipital nerve block for the treatment of severe occipital neuralgia: a case series.
Common varieties are TTH and migraine, while others including MOH, coexisting migraine and TTH, cluster headache, occipital neuralgia, hemicrania continua, and supra orbital neuralgia are rare.
There was no precipitating event before the onset of left occipital neuralgia. The onset was described as rather sudden.
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As emphasized by this case report, our patient's occipital neuralgia would be classified as a secondary headache (identifiable cause; occipital condyle fractures).
A diagnosis of occipital neuralgia lowered the odds of returning to duty by 80%, compared with tension-type headache, the reference diagnosis.
Three weeks earlier, she had been treated at another institution with therapeutic injections of hydromorphone and ketorolac for what was thought to be occipital neuralgia and muscle pain.
Occipital Neuralgia A pain in the upper neck or back of the head region that is usually caused by neck flexion or head rotation.